Charming Chubbies Haken (pre-order)

Charming Chubbies Haken (pre-order)

Brand:Uitgeverij Royal
Product Code:BK-CCH-2023
  • € 9.99

Are you a fan of Chenille yarn and do you enjoy crocheting amigurumi? Then the book Charming Chubbies Hooks is the book that should not be missing in your bookcase. This book contains no less than 9 Chubbies crocheted by Ozzy Crochet in collaboration with Sab's crochet. Let yourself be seduced by these Charming Chubbies and crochet them all.


Despite the fact that this product is in stock, the delivery time is the third quarter of 2023. If you order something else in the same order in addition to this book, we will wait with shipping until the book is out. When placing a reservation, we advise not to opt for payment afterwards. The invoice will come before the book.

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