Durable Piece of Cake Mango (7006)

Durable Piece of Cake Mango (7006)

Product Code:010.83-7006
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  • € 6.95

The Piece of cake is a smaller 400 meter cake with the same mix in a uni color. This color matches the inner color of the Color cake, and each Color cake has its own matching Piece of cake.

By combining it is possible to make a project bigger or to accentuate it with a perfectly matching color. Consider, for example, a cardigan with a color gradient and matching cuffs or sleeves in a uni color, a mandala with a crocheted edge in a uni color, or an extra large wrap that can be extended.

  • 100 g - 400 m
  • 55% organic cotton, 45% anti pilling acrylic
  • Needle size 2,5-3

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