Opry Glitter animal eyes two-toned 8-18 mm - 3x60 pcs AST3

Opry Glitter animal eyes two-toned 8-18 mm - 3x60 pcs AST3

Product Code:5636-AST3
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Grab your chance with this range of animal eyes: now available with a hefty discount in a value pack!

Give handmade dolls, cuddly toys and amigurumi their own character with these sparkling animal eyes by Opry. The eyes have a black pupil and a coloured iris; behind the eye is a glitter disc that gives the eye its cheerful sparkle. The safety eyes are attached by inserting the threads on the back through the fabric or knit and securing them on the inside with a washer. The plastic eyes have a diameter of 8, 10, 12, 15 and 18mm. Available in three different and extremely affordable assortments of 3 different eye colours and 4 x eyes per size (60 eyes in total!) in a handy sorting box. A beautiful gift for under the Christmas tree. Supplied per 3 discount packs of 60 pieces.

The assortment boxes contain the following colours/colour numbers:

  • 5636-AST1: purple (184), gold (GO) and golden brown (881)
  • 5636-AST2: light pink (749), turquoise (287) and silver (SI)
  • 5636-AST3: green (525), fuchsia (786) and royal blue (215)

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