Durable Formidable Camel (2209)

Durable Formidable Camel (2209)

Product Code:DUFORM2209
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The Durable range is further enhanced with Durable Formidable. This beautiful luxurious yarn consists of 7% elastane which ensures stretch in the thread. That's why this supple yarn is wonderful to work with and perfect for making clothes, because it fits the body 'formidably'. The viscose that is processed in the yarn ensures that it feels silky soft.

In addition to clothing, the yarn is also perfectly suitable for accessories, such as baby hats and slippers. Furthermore, this elastic yarn can also be used for a trendy hair band or bikini, for example. The yarn will ensure that all items are never too tight, but will fit nicely. Durable Formidable is available in 11 bright summer colours. A bulb is 100 grams and contains 430 meters, so quite a few meters per bulb!

  • 100 g - 430 m
  • 70% Acryllic, 23% Viscose, 7% Elastaan
  • Naalddikte 2-3
  • Truimaat 40 is circa 7 bollen
  • Steekverhouding 10x10cm = 30 steken x 42 naalden

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