Scheepjes Truly Scrumptious Rose Barfi (321)

Scheepjes Truly Scrumptious Rose Barfi (321)

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Scheepjes Truly Scrumptious - A delicious, sustainable yarn, made from recycled plastic bottles!

Scheepjes Truly Scrumptious is a Premium Acrylic Yarn made from 50% Recycled Polyester (plastic bottles) and 50% Acrylic. The recommended needle size is 5.00 mm (gauge tension: 13 stitches x 18 rows stocking stitch is 10 x 10 cm). Available in 80 colours, in 100 gram balls (running length 108 meters).

Treat yourself to Scheepjes' more sustainable yarn collections Scrumptious and Truly Scrumptious! Inspired by desserts from around the world, all colors have mouth-watering names. Go wild with Key Lime Pie and Honeycomb Crunch, or feast your eyes on the Blueberry Parfait! Getting started with these wonderfully soft, tasty yarns can feel like a guilty pleasure, but thanks to the recycled plastic bottles you can crochet, knit and craft with a clear conscience.

Scheepjes Scrumptious and Truly Scrumptious are sister yarns, developed as part of Scheepjes' journey towards a more sustainable use of fibers within our collections. They offer a greener alternative to the popular Scheepjes Color Crafter and Chunky Monkey yarns. The new Scrumptious sisters share their composition and color palette and each has its own weight: Scheepjes Scrumptious has a DK weight, Scheepjes Truly Scrumptious is an Aran weight yarn. The 80 colours, some solid and others slightly melange, pave the way for various creative uses. Thanks to the fine properties, easy-care and hypoallergenic, these DK and Aran yarns are likely to quickly become your new favorite option for any project! Whether it concerns handmade cuddly toys, comfortable blankets or garments and whether you prefer knitting, crochet or punch needling; Scheepjes offers more than enough options to get started with these affordable and environmentally conscious collections.

  • 100g - 108 m
  • 50% Recycled Polyester (plastic bottles), 50% Acrylic
  • Needle size 5
  • Sweater size 40 is about 9 balls
  • Tension square 10x10cm = 13 stitches x 18 needles

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