Veritas Sewing machine mechanical Sarah (WEB ONLY)

Veritas Sewing machine mechanical Sarah (WEB ONLY)

Product Code:V1301
  • € 139.90

Veritas’ mechanical sewing machine Sarah is inspired by well-known Sarah Lois Vaughan, a singer who was very versatile – she could sing all musical styles. This sewing machine is as versatile as Sarah. It is perfect for beginners starting their sewing journey or for those who want to quickly repair on a hole on their favourite shirt. It is robust and easy to use. It has 2 clear setting dials: one for the 13 stitch programmes (both utility stitches and decorative stitches), and one for adapting the required stitch length. The machine can be used for sewing both thick and thin fabric. The sewing foot can be easily replaced with one movement, no tools required. Let your creativity run wild with this user-friendly sewing machine – anything is possible.


13 stitch programmes
4-step buttonhole
Built-in thread cutter
Front loading bobbin
Zippers can be sewn
Handy free arm
Automatic bobbin winder
Maximum stitch length: 4.0mm.
Maximum stitch width: 5.0mm.
Glare-free LED sewing light
Integrated detachable accessory box which includes 5 Schmetz needles, all-purpose presser foot, zipper foot, buttonhole foot, button sewing foot, brush, seam ripper, edge guide, 3 bobbins, screwdriver, darning plate, and 2 felt pads for spool pin.

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