Dryer balls Spring (6 pieces)

Dryer balls Spring (6 pieces)

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Bulbs with a story. With these felt washer dryer balls you no longer need fabric softener! Put them in the dryer with the wet laundry and set the program as you are used to. Your laundry comes out of the dryer wonderfully soft, but also less creased and less static.

• Handmade at Bloom Nursery in Pijnacker from 100% sheep's wool.
• The bulbs help to distribute warm air efficiently, allowing the laundry to dry faster.
• Washer dryer balls are a sustainable alternative to fabric softener. You save energy and the bulbs last a long time – over 1000 drying cycles.

About Bloom: Zorgkwekerij Bloei offers small-scale colorful daytime activities and is a training company for people with a (mental) disability of at least 18 years. This unique daytime activity is located on the edge of the center of Pijnacker, in a real orchid nursery!

The participants of the Bloom care nursery are called auxiliary growers. The auxiliary growers have their "Eigen Stekkie" within the orchid nursery, which contains the canteen and workshop for repetitive work for local entrepreneurs.

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