Katia Blue Jeans III - 106

Katia Blue Jeans III - 106

Product Code:KBJ106
  • € 8.95

Discover Katia Blue Jeans III, a yarn from the Katia Blue Jeans family with which we defend sustainable fashion based on three key concepts: Recycling, Reducing and Reusing. Composed of recycled fibers from discarded jeans, Katia Blue Jeans III is available in 2 classic denim shades: a light and a dark. Both colors are available in the original size of a 100 gram cone. Ready to impress everyone without harming the environment?

  • 100 g - 310 m
  • 95% Recycled Cotton, 5% Other Fiber
  • Needle size 2,5-3
  • Sweater size 42 is ca. 4 balls
  • Tension square 10x10cm = 25 stitches x 32 needles

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