Katia Blue Jeans IV - 107

Katia Blue Jeans IV - 107

Product Code:KBJ107
  • € 8.95

Discover Katia Blue Jeans I, II, III and IV, an incredible line of sustainable yarns made from recycled fabrics! Katia Blue Jeans IV is the mouliné version of this yarn family that gives a mixed look to both knitting and crochet projects. Enjoy knitting your own denim fashion with Katia Blue Jeans, the 100% recycled ecologically responsible cotton yarn.

  • 100 g - 380 m
  • 95% Recycled Cotton, 5% Other Fiber
  • Needle size 2,5-3
  • Sweater size 42 is ca. 3 balls
  • Tension square 10x10cm = 27 stitches x 36 needles

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