Durable Comfy Tomato (318)

Durable Comfy Tomato (318)

Product Code:DUCOM318
  • € 3.50

Durable has a new addition to its yarn range, Durable Comfy! A fine and soft yarn made from 100% microfiber acrylic, making it more than just an acrylic yarn.

Microfibers are extra fine fibers that feel very natural. They give Durable Comfy a light and soft structure and at the same time ensure that the yarn is strong and durable. This way, Durable Comfy can absorb and remove moisture well, making it appear to breathe. This makes crochet and knitting work less clammy in warm weather. An ideal yarn for a fine garment, scarf, shawl or a lovely hat.

In addition, the yarn is also perfect for a beautiful blanket for the couch, in short, plenty of possibilities. Durable Comfy is available in 58 colors, ranging from beautiful pastel shades to powerful bright colors, but also nice basic shades. Something for everyone! One ball is 100 grams and contains 266 meters of yarn.

  • 100 g - 266 m
  • 100% Microfiber Acrylic
  • Needle size 3-4
  • Sweater size 40 is ca. 5 balls
  • Tension square 10x10cm = 22 stitches x 33 needles

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