Winter Glow CAL English version

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Welcome to Pera Pasha Winter Glow CAL 2017.


In 6 weeks time we will crochet together to create the perfect winter blanket  The Winter Glow.

Every thursday night at 20:00 CET we publish a part of Winter Glow. accomplished with some photo's.


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ch = chain
hdc = Half double crochet
dc = Double crochet
BPdc = Backpost dc
BPhdc = Backpost hdc
FPdc = Frontpost dc
FPhdc = Frontpost hdc
trc = Tripple Crochet
Tch = Turning chain
BOB = Bobblestich
PUFF = Puff stich
CL = 3 dc together


Bobble stich

Begin a double crochet. Thats easy ;-) 
Yarn over and pull through so that you have four loops on your hook. 

In the next movement only take off the first TWO loops. Continue to start two more double crochets in the SAME STITCH, only taking off the first two loops on the hook each go. 
Finaly yarn over and finish it by pulling it trough all the loops. 

Sometimes people put an extra chain on top but don't count it in the next row.

The patterns

Click here for week1

Click here for week2 (version 2)

Click here for week 3

Click here for week 4

Click here for week 5  (version 2)This week we're creating diamond stiches. There is a video on the dutch blog. Maybe it can be helpful. 

Click here for week 6 (final part)

The photo's

Week 1


Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

Week 6