Wool Decor Melon (D3151)

Wool Decor Melon (D3151)

Brand:Lammy Yarns
Product Code:KARWD-3151
  • € 9.95

​Kartopu Wool Decor is a beautiful slub wool made from 100% superwash wool. With the Kartopu Wool Decor you can knit super fun by hand, so you can make a luxurious wool blanket of approximately 110 x 160 cm with 7 balls / strands in an instant. On our Youtube channel we have an instruction video on how to make this blanket.

  • 200 g - 30 m
  • 100% Superwash Merino wool
  • Needle size 15-20
  • Tension square 10x10cm = 4 stitches x 6 needles
  • hand wash

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