Durable Lanosoft Unscented 100 ml

Durable Lanosoft Unscented 100 ml

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Durable Lanosoft Woolcare Lavender is a natural wool detergent with lanolin and organic lavender oil.

Lanolin is a wool fat that is naturally found in the coat of a sheep. It serves to protect the sheep against the wind, rain and cold. Moreover, the sheep's coat remains nice and soft thanks to the lanolin. Garments made from yarns with a percentage of wool also contain lanolin, which will naturally disappear from the clothing over time after a number of washes with a wool detergent without lanolin. The effect of this is that your clothing no longer feels soft and that the voluminous structure of the yarns disappears.

Durable has a solution for that:
Durable Lanosoft Woolcare Lavender not only ensures that your garment is nice and clean, but also adds lanolin to the wool, which keeps your clothing in beautiful shape and nice and soft. The vegetable lavender oil provides a wonderful scent and has a disinfectant effect. The raw materials used are easily biodegradable and therefore very environmentally friendly.

In addition, the Durable Lanosoft Woolcare is particularly economical in use. For a perfect washing result, only 5 ml for hand washing or 15 ml for 2.5 kg of dry laundry is required. Moreover, you don't have to rinse the laundry. This saves water and electricity.

Washing tips
Hand wash: Add 5 ml Durable Lanosoft Woolcare to 4 liters of water and soak the laundry for approximately 15 minutes. Then gently squeeze out the laundry and let it dry out of the sunlight.
Machine wash: Place the laundry in a laundry bag in the drum and pour 15 ml of Durable Lanosoft Woolcare into the fabric softener drawer. Select the wool wash program. If possible, only run the rinse program

Note: Follow the care instructions contained in the clothing.

Additional tip
Durable Lanosoft Woolcare is ideal to take with you on holiday. Without a washing machine, all garments can easily be washed by hand.

The benefits of Durable Lanosoft Woolcare Lavender
- Excellent for all wool, cotton, silk and fur
- With moisturizing lanolin for a comfortable and soft feeling
- Lavender scent gives a pleasant scent, has a soothing and disinfectant effect.
- With lactic acid, which reduces limescale on textiles and in the machine
- For temperature ranges from 20° - 60° C
- Suitable for all water hardnesses
- High quality, stable, crystal clear bottle
- FSC paper label (removable)

The Durable Lanosoft Woolcare Lavender is NCP certified by ECO-Control according to the latest guidelines of Nature Care Product Standards.

ECO-Control is an inspection and certification body for ecological products and quality assurance systems in the non-food sector. The Nature Care Products Standard (NCP Standard) regulates the requirements for certified care products. The NCP standard mainly concerns washing and cleaning agents, textile and leather care.

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