Prym Non-sew press fasteners anorak 15 mm silver

Prym Non-sew press fasteners anorak 15 mm silver

Prym Non-sew press fasteners anorak 15 mm silver

  • Brand:Prym
  • Product Code: PRYM390301
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  • € 10.20

The non-sew press fasteners by Prym are perfect to get a neat, solid and professional-looking closure for handmade clothing, accessories and tools. Attach the press fasteners with the supplied tools and a hammer - instructions for use are included or can be found on the back of the packaging. In addition, many press fasteners are suitable to be used with press fastener pliers (see items no. 390900 or B490900) or with the prym.ergonomics tripod (see item no. 673130). Washing, spinning, cleaning, ironing or pressing is all possible with Prym's rust-proof press fasteners. Available in various colours, designs and dimensions, for various applications and with light, medium or heavy closing force. Also available in refill packs.

These anorak press fasteners by Prym are suitable as closures for non-elastic fabrics, such as cotton, faux or thin leather. They have a medium closing force and open and close smoothly thanks to the S-spring wire - ideal as a closure for skirts, jackets, coats or dresses, for example. In order to fasten the press fasteners, a hole is first punched in the fabric. They can be used with the appropriate pliers or with the prym.ergonomics tripod. For several sets a refill pack is available (see items no. 390321 silver-coloured, 390327 bronze-coloured, 390328 antique copper), while other colours are also available in large packs of 100 pieces (see items no. 390260 silver-coloured, 390261 bronze-coloured, 390262 antique brass).

These anorak press fasteners by Prym are made from rust-proof brass, have a diameter of 15mm and are available in several metallic colours (see items no. 390299 antique brass, 390301 silver, 390302 bronze, 390309 antique brass, 390310 antique steel, 390312 copper, 390314 gold-coloured) and with a smoothly-lacquered cap (items no. 390306 white and 390307 black). One blister pack contains 10 press fasteners, several moulds, 1 mould holder and instructions of use.


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