YarnArt Flowers Turquoise Dream (294)

YarnArt Flowers Turquoise Dream (294)

Product Code:YAFL294
  • € 19.99

Yarn Art Flowers is a cotton-acrylic soft twisted yarn that seamlessly blends several colors (3 to 5) along the thread. It comes in the form of a "cake" and contains enough yarn for one medium sized product - a triangular scarf, a thin blouse, an oval tablecloth.

Knit pleasantly on thin hooks, knitting is light and matt. If desired, you can combine 2-3 Yarn Art Flowers for a nice size blouse or dress. Ideal for knitting masters of one and two hooks, who prefer mixed fabrics in colorful color combinations.

  • 250 g - 1000 m
  • 55% Cotton - 45% Pac
  • Needle size 3-5
  • Sweater size 40 is ca. 2 balls
  • Tension square 10x10cm = 28 stitches x 40 needles

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